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Originally Posted by Sybock View Post
I'm not actually asking anyone to agree. I probably shouldn't have put the word "Debate" in the title. What I'm asking is what is your "canon" because I am curious to see the different opinions and maybe discover facts I did not know.

I agree, there has been months and months of threads on this subject. The difference (I hope) about this thread is I don't want fans to argue but simply state their position on this subject. I have learned absolutely nothing from those other threads except that some people enjoy conflict.

So, I respect your opinion that everyone should be left to their own canon but I hope people will share theirs with others in this thread without bashing others beliefs.
Personally, I take - only the aired material (except TAS) as being part of the 'official' universe. I take none of the novels (even movie novelisations), none of the fan stuff, zero from anything else.

The Chronologies, Technical manuals and Encylopedia's have useful reference value until aired material contradicts and thus supercedes it.
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