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Canon go BOOM!

Okay, I'm dopey, I know! Seriously, though, my two pennies about "canon", or as you both have said more accurately, continutity, is that in Star Trek TOS itself, there have been instances where "The Gene" himself said that he wished some episodes could be striken from the record (paraphrasing). As so HILLARIOUSLY done in another thread, the SHOUTING SPOCK in the the pilot, "The Cage", goes against the continuity and consistancy of the character known as Spoke, but it is Spock. Also, the episode utilized the term "Time Warp Factor", so why would a ship need to sling shot around the sun to break the time barrier? The resolution of the latter is, of course, to explain it away by writing.

So, in my humble opinion, since there are many examples of continuity glitches in TOS, let alone the other incarnations in the Trek Universe, what is important is the spirit of Trek and her characters. In this new movie, we are learning what makes a man a man, and the difference between a Captain and a legend. James T. Kirk was a regular joe first. We all, today, are made of what we were yesterday. Who we become tomorrow is determined by how chained we are to yesterday. So the film may portray our hero as a bit of a rebellious, head-strong jerk at first, but this early stage of his journey of him becoming a man is a part of the "human adventure" that has not be explored to date. Reading comments by Lenoard Nimoy about how Zachary Quinto is expanding the character of Spock in, to quote Mr. Nimoy, "delcious ways" ( also signals a new expansion of the Trek magic. Different actors have portrayed Shakespear's "Othello", and different producers and directors have put their own spin on the story, but ultimately, does Iago still spin "O's" head against the fair Desdimona (sp)? If so, at the end of the movie, the pay off (if well written) is worth it and we get it.

Does the Big E have two nacelles on pylons rising in a V formation from the engineering hull? Does she have a neck rising from that hull to meet a saucer section? Then, for my tastes, that's the Enterprise, regardless of the shape of the engineering hull, if the nacelles glow red, or if her pharsers are on strips or turrets. But there must be a Kirk. There must be a Spock. There must be a Uhura (rrr-ROWL!)...Oops! Sorry! Bones...Mr. Scott...Chekov...Sulu...Mr. Imagwannabite T. Dust-Redshirt...and optimism: These are the essentials of Trek. If we get these characters with a great story, then we will have memorable Trek. Heck, if we have limited "pew-pew", but great character developement, I'd be satisfied (Battlestar Galactica, anyone? ).

So looking forward to this movie! (Ramble Mode disengaged.)
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