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*I'm curious to find out what others include in their "Canon" or if it matters to them at all. I myself never gave it much thought before becoming a member of this forum. But I'm a fan and not a fanatic, so my canon is that I accept pretty much everything that has the name Star Trek on it.*
Interesting and admirable attitude.
To me, it matters not a whit.

The term "canon" is not used without the metaphorical religious connection unjustly. In fact it didn't even exist as a term that applied to Trek until the "great revolution".

Going through the process of how a fantasy universe's history came to be of such seeming significance to today's world is another tale best told 'round the fireplace. It's a sad tale, so lots of s'mores are required.

It involves newfangled (and expensive as all get out) things called VHS recorders, a funny comic company named Gold Key, a technical manual at times both lauded and demonized, crazy things called conventions, a publication titled the Star Trek Concordance, a book titled the Making of Star Trek, a few sparse novels, mimeographs (can you believe it?) and no friggin' hint of the internet. Shocking! I know.
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