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*That being said, I don't really like this elitist group that's formed on this thread of the "Old Fans" vs. the "Youngsters". Apparently that's the argument lately, that this movie will be okay if you're one of the Yungins, but Ye Good Ol' Boys know what's what.*
Actually, I think this is reversed.
Strangely enough, if there is any "group mind" forming it is generally the "younger" crowd who is the most adamant against change. Go figure.

I'm not sure why that is either, but I'm guessing a sociologist would be interested in the inversion.

Then there is the middle ground of some change is ok, but why did they have to change [insert personal pet peeve]!

Should I be tasked to guess, I would lean towards non-acceptance of change due to personal issues. The "older" folks seem to understand that things change (we've seen it many times and the world still keeps on a'truckin' amazingly enough). They/we are generally unconcerned about social stigmas association with Trek may have. We just don't care what other people think about wtf we watch - which is not to say that zealotry has no effect or embarassment. The "younger" crowd lacks this luxury and, it appears, uses Trek as a safe haven from societal pressures (the genesis of long standing basement references); seemingly (and strangely or not) by over-inflating and in some cases deifying the value of Trek as justification (self and otherwise) for their actions. Change cracks their world in an earth-shattering manner and by some logic the new movie invalidates their sanctuary by reminding them without consent or concern that the center of the universe exists elsewhere.

But, that's just my take on things.
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