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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post
I don't get this "older fans" business.

. . . I don't really like this elitist group that's formed on this thread of the "Old Fans" vs. the "Youngsters". Apparently that's the argument lately, that this movie will be okay if you're one of the Yungins, but Ye Good Ol' Boys know what's what..
I have to say, I don't think there is any real conflict or rivalry here between older fans & younger ones - just a healthy sharing of different perspectives. Those of us who remember when there was only one Star Trek have a unique point of view on the franchise and honestly, I don't see it as being a better one, just different. Frankly, I kinda' wish I had grown up in a time when there was a new series every 7 years and a new movie every few years. When I was a kid, we had no real hope of ever seeing new Star Trek again. Other than the animated series that fascinated me when I was 10, I didn't get any new Trek until I was 16 and TMP came out. And I would point out that there are plenty of us "Old Timers" (on this thread, even,) who have no problem with the idea of this new movie.
. . . just an old-school Trekker getting by in a newfangled galaxy.
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