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Originally Posted by Lt. Fordman View Post
As a man of 49 years of age, I guess you could tell that I was raised on Star Trek the original series. I grew to love the characters and the actors who played those parts.
I don't get this "older fans" business. I'm 30. Yes, I missed the weekly airing of the original series episodes. But for what it's worth, I too was raised on Star Trek. I used to watch the episodes with my dad. The Star Trek movies introduced me to scifi (well, that and Alien and yes of course Star Wars). I saw all the movies starting with Search for Spock in the theater.

I got funny looks at school when I would talk about this cool movie I saw in the theater... which was "Voyage Home". Most of the guys at school, mostly into what the latest buzz on their favorite athlete was, thought of Star Trek as something nerds were into.

For all intents and purposes, I too grew up on Trek. I'm a Trekkie. I don't dress up, well, not yet anyway (more of a procrastinator in that department: I should get that uniform... tomorrow).

That being said, I don't really like this elitist group that's formed on this thread of the "Old Fans" vs. the "Youngsters". Apparently that's the argument lately, that this movie will be okay if you're one of the Yungins, but Ye Good Ol' Boys know what's what.

Originally Posted by Lt. Fordman View Post
This is my question to the Older fans of ST-TOS. Are you really ready to see the characters that we grew up on and loved for all those many years, being played by someone else? I have really anticipated this movie for a very long time now. But as the Movie comes closer to being released, I now have an odd feeling that I just might Not want to see it. Is it normal to feel this way? In my minds eye, I just can't see anyone else play these legends. And yet, I am so very much a fan of Star Trek, that I don't want to miss it either. Does any one else have this feeling? Your thoughts are welcomed.
That's the genius of it. In Search for Spock, young Spock was played by different actors there too. Why is this different? These are younger versions of the characters. The way I see it, they don't want to start with actors that would portray the characters at the same age as the ones you grew up with. They want the characters to be younger, and therefore portrayed by younger actors. Whether or not we accept them in these parts - when the movie comes out - will determine whether or not we'll accept them as playing characters getting older to the point when the TOS took place in future sequel films.
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