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Oh also, I'm just throwing this out there. Same link as above, post #29:

25. Blake Powers - December 28, 2008
“My question with the alternate universes and spawning the new universes. If the all actions spawn a new universe, then why would spock care to go back in time??? Wouldn’t it have to affect his timeline for him to care? (In no way am i talking bad about anyway that it has been written, just posing a question as a member of “the devoted”; also I understand that posing this question will have alot of people on the interwebs going ” he’s an idiot”).

Orci: No on should call you an idiot. It is a logical question with 3 possible answers. Either 1. We have ignored the contradiction. 2. Spock is not aware of the LATEST AND GREATEST THEORY OF SCIENCE! or 3. The plot is not what you think!
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