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Since they're trying to make movie that's accessible to un-initiated audiences, they're not going to waste half the film catering to obscure fanboy obsession by detailing why the hypospray is a different shade of silver, or why Bones' hair is parted on the wrong side. There'd especially be no point in having history 'reset' at film's end, so that no-one remembers what happened and none of the events actually took place.

Maybe the original Constitution design will show up on a schematic, or some artwork inside Starfleet headquarters - but the ship herself isn't going to have a Sailor Moon transformation sequence where she turns into the forty-year-old design from the Original Series. It's about as likely as the 'timeline getting reset' and giving all the characters the same faces and the same cheap uniforms as the original cast. It might placate one or two tragic figures in the audience, but for everyone else it'd just be a serious case of the WTFs.

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