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Originally Posted by Jed Starkiller View Post
At the end of the movie we'll see something more like the classic Connie.

I think it was in an Orci interview that he said that the movie takes places after Nemisis. And that the reasons of the changes is becuase of time travel. So I have a feeling in the end all will be "Back to normal"

I just can't shake that feeling same kind of feeling I had after Gen when I told my brother by the next movie Data will be able to turn off his emotion chip.
I think the disappointing thing will be if people are sitting for the whole movie waiting for this (IMO slightly unlikely) ending. I think that the writers saying the timeline is going to remain after the movie is a pretty good indication that it is. As a random observation on expectations about movies, I remember a preview of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where the reviewer slammed it because it wasn't about dinosaurs - he'd had a hot (and wildly incorrect) tip from an "insider"). A bit unfair on Indy but we got the dinosaurs in the end Perhaps you will get your wish, hopefully it will be great either way.

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