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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
I would say though, that the ship with THE MOST scaling problems has been the Klingon Bird of Prey....which is why we ended up with at least three or four classes of just that ship:

1. B'rel (scout ship...Kruge's vessel, Chang's vessel, Klaa's vessel)
2. D-12 (B'rel variant?.... Lursa and B'tor's ship)
3. K'vort (Battlecruiser class....mistakenly said to be larger than the Negh'var class in the DS9 Technical Manual...yeah...I had major problems with those numbers.)

I remember in the old FASA Star Trek RPG/Starship Tactical Combat Simulator, there were three classes of the BoP. The Bird of Prey which was the scout class wessel (apologies to Chekov), and the Stronger Bird, which, IIRC, was a destroyer class, and the Great Bird, which was almost battlecruiser class. Beyond that, using the Construction Manual rules, I did stats for the K'vort, which I jokingly referred to as the "Big Bird" (even thought of switching its color scheme from greens and reds to canary yellow..LOL!), and created a fighter sized (four man crew) Bird of Prey called the "Little Wing" (with apologies to Jimi Hendrix).
I thought the Defiant was worse because well....
just listen to Commodore. We never followed on Bird of Prey for very long so it's possible their are different sizes.

Originally Posted by Commodore View Post
Personally, I never had a problem with there being two (or more) different scale versions of the Klingon Bird of Prey--whereas Starfleet would build two totally different designs, the Klingon Defense Forces would just build a larger and more powerful version of an existing design. It would just be a different way the Klingons do things, IMO...
After TNG I never thought there was just one size of BoP

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