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Originally Posted by carpathiavh99 View Post
The only way Star Trek will lose its "only for nerds" stigma (IMO) is if other media begin to (seriously) parody the show. Star Wars has over the years been parodied by many different shows, and has mainly had a more serious tone about it than say SNL's depiction of Star Trek. Most recently, Family Guy and Robot Chicken parodied Star Wars (Family Guy even followed EP4 nearly line for line) which boosted popularity of SW within the Family Guy and Robot Chicken audiences. The same will probably need to be done for Star Trek in order for it to lose that stigma. Unfortunatly, I think we will always be haunted by the more comical parodies that label ST as a nerd show.
So..yeah. The qustion is who would parody ST? I have yet to see if my post on the Lego forms has gotten any responces yet (Lego Star Trek!!! The game! And hopefully set line as well!) But, other than them, who? Probably not FG or RC, for they already have done damage to the cause (Two Kirks, A khan and a pizza place!) If people are serious about this, then that question must be answered. Well, off to check the Lego foums!
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