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For some reason Star Wars never fully gained that sort of mainstream 'running joke' that Star Trek has with non fans, the mainstream types.
Star Wars is building its own joke quickly, on many levels.
Star Trek now has the golden opportunity to jettison a major portion of its sterotype.

The Force was an fairly easy concept to understand originally - it had a semi-religious tonal quality that resounded with many people.
Now, it's a joke with the underlying attraction removed.
Star Wars was really a quest of the human spirit to overcome adversity (the Evil Empire) and self awareness.

Star Trek was about exploring the unknown and remaining human while dealing with the alienness of new civilizations.
Now, it is about what technological invention or clever reapplication of technology will save the day.

Both suffer from a dehumanizing of their initial attraction.

Plus, they were just darn fun to watch.

What, frankly, are most discussions involved with Star Trek focused on?
What have Star Wars discussions come to lately?
Go to any message boards for either and see.
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