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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
Now, I know the Enterprise construction sequence from teaser trailer was supposedly not going to be used in the film but...

...I have been studying the two versions of the Enterprise construction as seen in the first teaser trailer and the shot of Kirk sitting on his motorcycle viewing the construction. There are differences... The city skyline for example (San Francisco) the scaffolding, the straighter nacelle pylons, the flatter area of the secondary hull between the pylons.

...what if the construction sequence from the teaser trailer is that of the TOS style E (with slight modifications) and it is used at the end of the film...

...Thus we would have a shot of the familar E being constructed in the San Francisco shipyards as a way of showing that the timelines has returned to normal...

It's a bit of a stretch, but...
That would be interesting. What if the Enterprise we see in the full trailer, the one the film takes place on is destroyed by the end of the film and the Enterprise of TOS is being constructed at the end of the film. Sort of like Kirk getting the enterprise at the end of Trek IV. You expect something new but he gets a new enterprise of old design. It's possible and boy that'd be some pickup ending if this enterprise we see in the trailer is destroyed and Kirk and crew board an Enterprise of more TOS design at the end of the movie which may be shown under construction from the teaser trailer.

Interesting thought Omega!

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