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Just throwing this out there. We don't know exactly what timeframe the Kelvin is in when it's attacked. We can assume that little Jimmy Kirk and his big brother Sam are alive and well somewhere on Earth at the time since JJ did say the both his parents and the Kelvin meet a "sticky" end in the battle. So how old is Kirk at this time. He may be 10-12 years old. Which makes it entirely possible that the Enterprise is flying around the cosmos under Captain Pike's command at that time. And it juuuust maaaaaay be close to the original TOS design at that earlier time. After the attack on the Kelvin, Starfleet decides to upgrade all Constitution Class ships to a more battle-ready design. It is also decided that to minimize possibility of a space attack, the ships are to be upgraded on Earth. The Enterprise is probably not first on the list since it was not built first. So by the time it gets to Earth for the refit when Kirk is in his mid-t-late twenties. That would explain the radical differences in the design of the TOS ship versus the Abramsprise. I'm not really a fan of this idea, but it's just a "what if".
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