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The 3 most successful Treks WERE accepted by masses and excellently reviewed. Wrath of Khan,Voyage Home, First Contact. 2 others (Search for Spock and Undiscovered Country also did relatively well but not quite as well.

If a well written and well executed film is made and is reviewed well both by mainstream reviewers and word of mouth it will bring in casual fans and main streamers who might not otherwise see a Trek production.

The people who are generally considered the Geeks or nerds are the folks who are very very passionate about Trek to the degree they go to many conventions and/or dress as a character or split hairs on canon etc. There is nothing wrong with that but the way they have been portrayed as fanatics (Fan Addicts) is what has skewed perceptions somewhat. People always make fun of what they don't understand.

I have mentioned to coworkers and others "Hey have you heard about the new Trek Flick comin?" The answer is generally, "NO please not another". then I tell em well its like going back to the early Kirk days and then folks perk up a bit...Oh yeah they say. Then I tell them the guys who made Alias, Lost and MI3 are making it and then I get . OH wow I love LOST , that could be some cool Trek.

Point is most folks arent even aware of this new vision....

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