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Originally Posted by DNA-1842 View Post
Not too long ago Stargate was erroneously given the Guinness World Record for longest running Science Fiction Television show, until the whole thing was sorted out when a very confused set of Doctor Who people sent the Guinness team a letter asking for clarification!
Yeah it's the longest running American sci fi series.
That wrestling show is the longest running series ever....(sadly) WWF

Originally Posted by Jed Starkiller View Post
Yes Torri is a classy lady. I liked her too bad they screwed that up. All in all still my favorite couple series.
I think they decided they couldn't repair that damage so they decided to put the series under. And I think they're right. If you could repair that and bring her back then it would be....the greatest boost ever to the ratings

But they screwed up.
They wanted to find a place for Amanda Tapping. (Who's a fine gal of her own right) But Tori can't put her life on hold untill stargate decides they want her back. They didn't even give her warning or tell her when they wanted her back. Just bad diplomacy all around.

Ratings should be more important than employee loyalty. I think people like that Atlantis and "SG-1" were different. I don't think they would have minded her commanding a ship and cameo appeareances or even or even Daniel becoming a regular part of the team....but replacing one of the faves...

You see they manage to capture the sexual tension between John and Elizabeth perfectly, just as they did between Jack and Sam. That's something you don't mess with...You don't mess with peoples hearts , at least not like that.

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