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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
I know it's going too soon but they screwed it up by killing off the relationship between the actor for Elizabeth Weir.

They'll know better next time. I hope she does well in what ever she doesn. I think she's classy.
I agree. The first three seasons of Atlantis are top-notch. Very nicely done. It's after she leaves that it went down hill. The consistency was gone and the only episodes that really grabbed me were the "Tod the wraith" episodes. Everything else just seemed weak to how the first three seasons played out.

I like Carlyle. He can be quite edgy, which they say is the direction they're wanting to go in, though I always thought Atlantis was much darker, dramatic and more edgy than SG-1, hope they don't go overboard with it, but Carlyle should prove to be an interesting choice IMO.

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