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Default Will Star Trek ever shake the 'only for nerds' stigma?

While I am excited about this movie, all of my 'mainstream' friends gave a chuckle when I told them how much I wanted to see this movie. They made crude jokes about Spock's ears, Kirk as a womanizer, etc.

All of these things they picked up from the Star Trek fan stigma. It's more widespread than you think it is!

For example, Star Wars fans are not in any way considered as having as poor taste in entertainment as Star Trek fans are. For some reason Star Wars never fully gained that sort of mainstream 'running joke' that Star Trek has with non fans, the mainstream types.

Is this because it's about War, instead of complex issues dressed up as Sci-fi? I think so. They like or at least accept Star Wars since it is the most dumbed down Sci-fi you can get for the mainstream. Star Trek is too complex, they see it as an 'inside' thing.

Why try to even watch when others will shame you? Why start to watch when you are 28 seasons and 10 movies out of touch?

All you have to do is watch 6 Star Wars movies, with the last 3 Star Wars movies being on a catatonic auto pilot in terms of story, then you are an 'expert'?

Something to think of.
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