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Default Star Trek: Destiny--OMG! (HUGE SPOILERS!)

I just finished the last book in the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy today and I'm still picking up my jaw from the floor. It is the series that forever changes the Trek Universe as far as the 24th-Century is concerned and sets the stages for what happens next in the post-Nemesis era.

Be Warned: Big-Time Spoilers Listed Below:
- The origins of the Borg are finally revealed as to be a desperate and hostile merger for survival on a distant ice planet nearly 5000 years ago between a biosynthetic race called the Caeliar and Human survivors from the lost NX-02 Columbia (read the trilogy to find out how that happens).

- Forty percent of Starfleet is wiped out in the full-scale Borg invasion of the Federation. Several Federation worlds are destroyed, and many are devastated big time, including Vulcan. The Klingon and Romulan Empires are also devastated after joining forces with the Federation against the Borg.

- The Borg are wiped out once and for all when the Caeliar (ironically) assimilate the Borg, destroy the Collective entirely, and liberates every Borg in the Galaxy (including the Delta Quadrant). In the end, the Borg as a race are ended and all of the former drones become Caeliar. As Caeliar, their new goal will be one of peaceful space exploration--likely beyond our Galaxy.

- The Starship Voyager came dangerously close to being destroyed (one of her nacelles was blasted off) and she lost several of her crewmembers.

- Seven of Nine is now 100% Human and prefers to be called Annika Hansen from now on.

- Tom Paris' father, Admiral Owen Paris, was killed in the initial Borg assault. Tuvok's son was also killed when the Borg destroyed the planet Deneva.

- Both Captain Picard and Captain Riker will be fathers as Beverely Crusher and Deanna Troi are now both pregnant.

- The Federation still stands, but it has been severely weakened. Dozens of worlds have been devastated and destroyed, its economy is on the verge of collapse, yet there are plans to rebuild Starfleet and the Federation's damaged infrastructure. In the meantime, though, it's an all-new ball game in the 24th-Century, and anything can happen now in a Borg-free universe...

After all that, pretty much the only thing I can add
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