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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Agreed, someone on another thread else posted a very interesting idea that there may be things about canon that are essential, and some that are non-essential. I agreed with that, and that may be the root of some of the changes. Of course for some all canon is essential and that's fine too, but I feel there can be a line drawn at a certain point about what's totally necessary and what isn't. Of course, J.J's line may not agree with everyone - if that's what he's done.

And I used to consider myself a canonite for a long time years back, until I realised that I actually wasn't - as long as the essential pieces are there I can work around the rest. I don't apologise for that if it doesn't go down well with others.
Opinions about what is essential to Trek and what is not differ, so some people will claim that JJA is a liar and some people won't after they saw the movie.
I give him credit (if it proves to be true) for resisting the current trend to produce atmospherically dark movies. Obviously the optimistic, bright future is something essential to JJA et al., while sticking with all details of the original interior and exterior ship design ain't, an opinion I share,
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