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Originally Posted by LTJG Iferal View Post
Let's take a look at the last few "canon-respecting" Star Trek movies.

Star Trek: First Contact
$45m budget
$92,027,888 gross domestic
$146,027,888 gross worldwide
You must be joking if you think FC was canon-respecting. It does anything BUT respect canon. As much as I love James Cromwell, he's NOT Zephraim Cochrane. We meet ZC in "Metamorphosis," and he's short, stocky, has brown hair and blue eyes. He's not tall, lanky and blond. Oh yeah, he's also not Earth human, but Centaurian (maybe a type of human, us being so close and all, but that'd be other speculation).

If I can overlook that glaring canonical error, I actually enjoy FC. As I said, I do like James Cromwell, he's a delight to watch regardless, I just think of him as another Zephraim Cochrane.

I like how they took a lot of elements from "Strangers from the Sky" and incorporated it into the story, many props for that, but that raises another question (which I'm sure someone's already brought up elsewhere): are novels canon too? Which ones? But I digress.
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