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Originally Posted by Captain Tightpants View Post
Episode II did 30% less business than Episode I. That's a loss of something like $300 million. The franchise rebounded somewhat with Episode III which, tellingly, was the best-reviewed of the prequels, but it still fell short of Episode I by almost $80 million worldwide. So, it's not as if no one was unhappy. And I have to emphasize again the enormous scale of those films. They were simply chock-full of eye candy for discerning geeks and ordinary moviegoers alike. If you paid to see stunning visuals, you got your money's worth. None of the TOS- or even TNG-era movies ever came close to them in terms of pure spectacle.

Depends on how high a budget you're talking about. $100 million? More? I think a souped-up NEM would have done considerably more box office just from the heightened interest of Trekkies alone, since -- as you point out -- it would've been the first truly big-budget attempt at Trek since STTMP. A bigger budget changes the equation in a number of ways. NEM might have been a very different film if it had cost an additional $30-$50 million. Probably not different enough, but who knows?

It's also interesting to note that, worldwide, STTMP was the highest-grossing film of the franchise until the release of First Contact almost 20 years later. After that, as they say, it was all downhill. And if one adjusted the numbers for inflation, STTMP would almost certainly remain (excluding J.J.'s) the biggest-budgeted and, I believe not coincidentally, the highest-grossing film of the franchise to this very day. Paramount clearly acknowledges the often proportional relationship between the size of a sci-fi film's budget and its box-office take. Why else would they be dropping $150 million on this one? Why not just spend a third of that and see if you can pull off another TWOK?

The reason the wrath of khan was able to pull off having a smaller budget is that they used all the sets from the TMP. The only set they built was the Regula 1 space station set. Simplafying the production.
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