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Seeing is believing so I'm in your camp. I'm hopeful (but not sure) that it will be a box office success so they make more but like you I really hope they are sucessful in capturing the spirit of TOS ... that is the bigger challenge.

I also agree with you about the Kirk, Spock and Bones relationship. There needs to be a chemestry between the actors playing those roles. They have good actors cast in those roles but we'll have to wait till we see the film to see if they pull it off ..... Big shoes to fill.

I'm also excited about Nemoy being in the film. I really hope the actors playing the young Spocks do a good job so that you can imagine they would evolve into Nemoy's Spock ..... Does that make sense?

Lastly, even if this movie ends up being just a "popcorn seller" I hope those that buy popcorn might want more Star Trek and wind up seeing TOS and the other Trek shows and movies. Especially if they are young, new fans and never saw anything Trek, we know there are some treasures there to be discovered.

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