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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Not the middle initial, no.
Just a quick thought - you have been a very vocal critic of other people's work on this forum. It's interesting to me that all you have written so far is a few character names and already people are picking you up on canon. I believe that anyone writing Star Trek material inevitably gets into hot canon-flavoured water many times over a full length piece. In terms of one of your stated movitations for writing this piece ("proving a point"), I notice you've chosen not to use Kirk, Spock and the gang. If you want to prove your point about the inadequacies of the movie, for me you're sidestepping the issue by setting your work at an earlier time with a captain and crew who have never featured in TOS. Isn't it part of your point that the JJ Abrams film has messed about with Star Trek history? I understand you might just want to do it for creative reasons, which is perfectly understandable - it's your time you're expending after all.

I'm not knocking your new project, I would like to read it (whatever you choose to write about). Given the tone of this forum, I can understand why many Star Trek writers would want to set their work in the delta guadrant or in the past before TOS. Excessive adherance to canon is a creative straitjacket (writers on various incarnations of the show have battled it). I wonder if you will find yourself defending against exactly the same pedantry and negativity which the new film has attracted. Just a thought.

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