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Originally Posted by Elizadolots View Post
Jer and I will be stepping off to the side to have an adult moment where we appreciate each other thoroughly...
Where is Zardoz with the sexually charged comment I'm sure he would have made to that post? LOL

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
When you're serving up the impossible, you better wrap it in as much plausible as you can, or ain't nobody gonna swallow it.
I agree, but just the basics. Gravity, an object in motion stays in motion, etc.

Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post


But seriously. The whole "it's not real" thing, it's getting old. We all know it's not real. We all know it's make believe. That's why it's called Science "FICTION". Get over it. You're not being funny anymore. It's bordering on insulting and patronizing. This is a discussion board. We are discussing a fictional universe. Even in a fictional universe, there are still rules.
First time I have mentioned this, so I don't see how it's "getting old".

Thank you for making my point again. We're dealing with a FICTIONAL universe.

And in a FICTIONAL universe, there are no rules. You can make up whatever you want. Maybe you were thinking of NON fiction?

Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
I was actually hoping that no one would draw attention to those comments. Stating the obvious is often used as a point of ridicule and ridicule serves no logical function.
It's emotionalism.

Science Fiction is about science.
Ridicule is about Drama

I know I'm in the right forum and thread for talking about Science.
If they want to start Drama they can do it among themselves.
You've been told many times (and you know who by) to stay within the topic of the thread. This thread was about canon...not warp theory. There are many science threads out there that you can take your discussions to.

In otherwords, you are NOT in the right forum or thread for talking about science.

BTW, science fiction is not about is about speculation of science, not real, in-practice science.

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