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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
I'm primarily a ghostwriter, Ethan -- I get paid sums of money which are usually adequate and occasionally exorbitant to write novels, novellas, teleplays and screenplays that get published under other peoples' names. Because part of the reason my pay is sometimes exorbitant is, in fact, that I sell the right to take credit for it, I could walk you into a Borders and hand you four or five books, at least two of which you'd probably recognize fairly easily -- but I could not, under the the terms of the NDAs I signed, tell you that I wrote them.

In written form, I can't even give you the titles. I can, however, direct you to the Off Topic section; look for a thread called "Rebels of Gor" which was done to fill a personal (though still paid) request. See if the writing style and "voice" remind you of anything you've read. Best clue I can give you, for legal reasons.
Fair enough. You also answered another question I had. I actually didn't know what a ghost writer was, so thanks.

Anything literary in high school was my worst subject. I hated it. As I got older and started doing online RPGs, I enjoyed it more and I found that I enjoyed the challenge of putting my feelings and emotions into writing. Or trying to describe a scene with only words.

Personally, I have trouble writing unless I have some emotional connection with the subject matter. Otherwise, it just sounds like drivel.

I suppose I was wrong to assume that everyone needs the same conditions I do to write something worth reading.
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