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Originally Posted by Star Trek View Post
Please do not mistake my enthusiasm and love for the Abrams' new design as an affront to all those Fans loyal to the TOS ship - I truly love the ol' NBC-TV Enterprise as well.

Just very excited over the re-invention. And the new cooooooooooooooooool look of Enterprise. Closest thing we will ever have to another opportunity to newly experience/rediscover the TOS Trek again, as some of us did 40 years ago (I'm 48)...

Thank you for finding a way to express something that I just couldn't manage to articulate.

Although I am not nearly as old (only 28 here) I still remember seeing Star Trek for the first time as a kid. "Amok Time" was the episode, funnily enough. But even in the 80's, while TNG was just beginning with its updated effects and more futuristic-looking sets, I was enraptured by Star Trek. TNG was simply too heady for me, at seven years old. But good old Star Trek - it was cool. It was like a western, except it took all the good parts out of those shows my dad watched that I couldn't stand - like Gunsmoke and Bat Masterson - and put them on a spaceship, and on other planets, and generally made them something that I could watch and still feel cool. The action sequences (especially the starship fights) were hokey, fine, but the tension and martial-sounding music were riveting to me. I wanted to BE Captain Kirk, flying around, giving orders to a big crew, kicking @$$ now and then, and every once in a while doing something science-y.

Then I grew up and started to understand what the TNG people were talking (and talking, and talking) about, and I watched that show instead. For the drama, mostly, and the various space-anomaly-episodes, which were more compelling in TNG because of the improved effects. But I never really wanted to "be" Picard. I never felt the same way about TNG (or anything since) that I felt about TOS. I've watched many old TOS episodes since, of course - I consider the remastering to have been tastefully done, btw - but there has never again been that air of awe and newness.

This movie seems to be offering that sense of unfamiliarity. I know who the characters are - but perhaps I don't. The ship is different. The effects and the music will likely be different. It's Trek, new again, and that appeals to the little kid in me, who's been missing Strange, New Worlds for a long, long time. This movie's very existence has gotten me interested in Trek again, after about 10 years or so of growing apathy.

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That's schweet. I think I'm gonna make some kind of signature with the new E, when I get some spare time.
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