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Originally Posted by lordisaiah View Post
The funny thing in this movie is Sulu is fighting with a fold-out Katana, while in TOS he was running around with a rapier. During the filming of "The Naked Time", the director said he wanted Takei to be chasing people with a Katana, and George changed the scene on the theory that Sulu was Asian-American, and wouldn't have played "Samurai" as a kid, he would have played "Robin Hood" or "Musketeer" as a kid, and would have taken up fencing as a result of that. So this scene seems to be playing off the non-filmed concept of Sulu. Of course, Sulu could just be a badass and well versed in weaponry of all kinds. (Imagines Sulu gearing up for a landing party ala Arnold in "Commando")
I really, really prefer that Takei keep his sword sheathed. Really.

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