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Originally Posted by lordisaiah View Post
While, I'm giving this movie a chance...I really don't like the look of the new E. The movie would have looked better IMO with the Red October model floating through space...and yes, I was watching the Family Guy Star Wars episode.

But, you obviously like the new more power to ya.
LordIsaiah, Saint, and all other fans of the 'REAL' ship, as Zin would say...

Please do not mistake my enthusiasm and love for the Abrams' new design as an affront to all those Fans loyal to the TOS ship - I truly love the ol' NBC-TV Enterprise as well.

Just very excited over the re-invention. And the new cooooooooooooooooool look of Enterprise. Closest thing we will ever have to another opportunity to newly experience/rediscover the TOS Trek again, as some of us did 40 years ago (I'm 48)...

My 2 quatloos...

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