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Default To Take Abrams at his word, or not to?

I was recently re-reading the Empire magazine special on Star Trek from a couple months back and read some passages from Abrams about his approach and take on the film.

I just thought given the heavy discussion from the past weeks that it may serve useful to go back to an earlier stage and remember his own words on the film. Which include:

'If you're going to do a Star Trek movie you have to embrace it. You don't try and change everything so that what you end up with doesn't resemble what it came from. Otherwise, just come up with something else and don't bother calling it Star Trek'

'What this movie is doing is focusing the concept, not rethinking it. At the same time though, anyone who thinks they have seen it all before, who thinks they know what Trek is, they're in for a surprise when they see this movie'.

'What Roddenberry was doing in the original series, and one of the aspects that appealed to me most, was positing that humanity would survive, that they woudl thrive. We would one day not only be able to travel beyond our solar system, but people of all races and colours would work together. What this movie is doing is embracing that optimism; it's focusing on the core characters - most notably, Kirk and Spock - and is telling a story of how this group, this family comes together. We're not simply showing the scenes that took place before the series began though. It's much more in depth than that'.

'For me, the costumes were a microcosm of the entire project, which was how to take something that's kind of silly and make it feel real. But how do make legitimate those near-primary costumes? How do make legitimate the pointy ears and bowl-haircut? It's as ridiculous and potentially cliched as it gets. How do you watch Galaxy Quest and then make a Star Trek movie?'

and, last

'If you don't mention dilithium crystals at least once, then you haven't made Star Trek'

Words to strike fear into the heart, or simply someone being honest about his feelings for the project he wanted to take on?
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