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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
I beg to differ.
Drama in television always comes down to those factors. That's why House, Boston Public, Desperate House Wives, ER, Grey's Anatomy win awards for Best Drama. Drama often involves deep emotional Brick-wall issues. Trek doesn't do that.

When Satie Yells out " I've brought down bigger men than you Picard!"

As the Admirals behind her walked out of the room after the knew that they knew....this woman wasn't right. And as Picard's gaze drops away you can tell that he knows too. The tension...seemed to break that had been building for 5 Acts.

It was perfect. It was Drama for the sake of the Plot.

Darmok was the same way.
I've never felt more exhilerated when Picard walked onto that Bridge and held the knife out and said. "Darmok, and Jalad... at Tanagra!"

I thought "wow"...he understands. And the Captain died just to get Picard to understand his language. Amazing.

That's why Trek Drama is often superior to soap drama.

MrQ1701 is observant.
I do like most of Trek. (series wise) I have lots of nitpicks. Some matter, some don't but I have always held trek to a high standard. For the last 15 years Trek has sunk bellow the standard set by the Next Generation.
That's a nice post and you're right, that's the problem with most drama these days. It always comes down to two people shouting impassioned at one another and we're supposed to take it as drama. Fireworks, that's all it is. It reminds me of that line in Amadeus where Salieri is talking about Mozart's first opera he wrote for the emperor. He said there were too many notes, scales going up and down, like fireworks in a fairground.

Well he was jealous and he was wrong, that movie is a great example of well written drama and his description of fireworks at a fairground pretty much sums alot of the crap you have on film and tv today. Trek at its best stays away from this and episodes like The Drumhead, Darmok, The InnerLight, Family, even Where Silence Has Lease, show this at its best.

There aren't too many "You can't handle the truth!" moments in Star Trek.

"Death, delicious strawberry flavored death!"
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