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This is likely to be the only movie where you could conceivably have a thing from each series appear (except Voyager, kinda hard to work that in).

1. Of course, you can have Archer/T'Pol from Enterprise attending the christening of the 1701

2. Original TOS characters with new actors

3. Picard/Riker/Troi/1701D/Titan

4. DS9 (as a meeting place for the characters in the future part of the story).

Maybe Picard comes to DS9 to see NimoySpock off, and runs into Spock's escort from Romulus, the Titan. Meanwhile, en route to Romulus, they encounter Nero going to the past, and there's your kickoff to the bulk of the movie.

Personally, I'd love to see Picard if I had to pick one.
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