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Originally Posted by Wagon Train View Post
Harcourt Fenton Mudd +1

If I remember correctly, wasn't there a book written where there was a non TV/Movie continuity tie between Mudd and the Q Continuum? Like he was a pre-Q type being potentially?
Not to my knowledge. The only tie-in between Q and the TOS characters that I'm aware of was the novel Q Squared wherein Trelane is described as a member of the Q Continuum who is either (this seems unclear) Q's son or another younger Q to whom John DeLancie's Q is merely a mentor/father figure.

Another interesting tie-in between the Q and TOS occurs in that book when it's explained that a Q banished from the Continuum and from our galaxy (one who is actually, genuinely evil rather than simply wickedly pranksterish like the one we're used to) is kept out of the galaxy by means of a... galactic barrier. When Kirk's Enterprise breaches the galactic barrier, which was meant to hold a Q imprisoned rather than keep humans within the galaxy, this member of the Q Continuum instinctively flees the barrier and into two members of the Enterprise crew -- Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner.
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