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I am on a "Trek", if you will, to see every film from now back to 1980 that has an Oscar nomination or win for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress.

I have seen movies that made me think "wow that was pretty good"
I have seen movies that made me go "huh? that was best picture?" Out of Africa
I have seen performances that made me wonder what the heck the Academy was thinking in awarding an Oscar - Nicole Kidman Best Actress for the Hours. (when she was outperformed in her own movie by three others).
I have earned a new respect (though I already had a pretty healthy respect for her) for Meryl Streep. (about the only good thing about Out of Africa).
I have seen a couple of classics that I was embarrassed to have not seen before (Raging Bull, Taxi Driver..pre1980 I know)

I have about 165 movies to go. We are talking about 5 categories of nominations which can emcompass up to 25 different films, over a period of 27 years. Though there are films with multiple nominations which does cut the number down a bit.

What got me started on this Trek?
Dreamgirls. I got curious to see how Eddie Murphy could possibly garner a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, so I had to see it. Then I decided I wanted to see all nominated films in major categories, but most of the time I could care less about the director (though Spielberg and Scorcessee usually get my attention).
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