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Originally Posted by DolFan2020 View Post
For the LOVE of GOD! There is no BLOODY CANON in TREK! Nothing was or has ever been set in STONE! TREK is nothing but a series of contradictions!

Can go faster than WARP 10, then you can't!

The warp scale was re-calibrated as engines got more efficient and ships got faster. Everybody knows this. No continuity problems.

Phaser looked like PHOTON TOPEDOES originally!

The result of budgetary and creative restraints. Only happened a couple of timies. The effects were refined as the series moved forward.

Lithium crystals became Dilithium crystals!

Again, only happened a couple of times. Because lithium is a real substance, a different fictional substance had to be substituted in future episodes. Not that big a deal. Most shows evolve over time.

Spock's human ancestor became his mother in less than a season!

Spock may have been being sarcastic when he said "ancestor". He was apparently still sort of emotional at that time. Only happened once. Not that big a deal.

Zephram Cochrane was from Alpha Centauri and then Bozeman, Montana!

Cochrane was born and lived on Earth. Traveled and settled on Alpha Centauri later in life. Not that big a deal either.

UESPA in TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY became the Federation!

UESPA could have been "Starfleet's" governing body. The UFP could have been UESPA's governing body. Again early evolution of the series, only used a couple of times. Can be creatively explained.

Klingons got ridges... in the movies!

Again, budgetary concerns. G.R. said he always wanted the Klingons to have crunchy foreheads. TMP gave him the budget to do so. Explained - at least to my satisfaction - in DS9's "Trials and Tribble-Ations". Worf said it was a "long story" and that they "don't talk about it with outsiders". Good enough for me. Later in ENT's "Affliction" and "Divergence" - to a more convoluted degree.

Etc... etc... etc...

For PETE'S SAKE, there is no CANON!
And don't forget about Kahn knowing Chekov in TWOK even though Chekov didn't show up until season two of TOS. Explanation: Maybe Chekov was a midshipman or crewman on the lower decks and Kahn ran into him on his way from the conference room to Engineering?

Also, Admiral Morrow in TSFS told Kirk that the Enterprise was 20 years old. It was really more like 40. However, it has been said that Morrow was probably talking about the re-fit.

I can go on and on. And in most cases, minor discrepencies can be explained. I hope that is the case with this movie. And I hope that the radical changes in appearances of ships and sets will somehow be explained.
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