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Whoa, I cried at the end of The Wounded Sky too! Hehe, I thought it was just me being idiotic. I loved the book. I just bought it on EBay (God, I love EBay) not too long ago and I've already read it three times. It gets better each time! I loved the part where they're in the other galaxy and their "true essences" are coming out. McCoy's compassion, Spock's dual nature, Kirk's armor. It was great.

I couldn't put Spock's World down. The library actually gave me an overdue notice on it, heh. Now, I'm searching on EBay for the Trek books I don't have and that one's a priority. Loved it. The Rihannsu series ... I've read My Enemy, My Ally and The Romulan Way and loved both. I haven't read the other three, though.

Dreadnought and Battlestations were great. I could be Piper, hehe. I loved the scene in Battlestations where she's on the planet with Scanner and had to dance for the Klingons.

I roared when I read How Much for Just the Planet? Absolutely hysterical!
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