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Originally Posted by LTJG Iferal View Post
Maybe that's why. The more money they spent trying to make you happy, the less you appreciated their effort. I suggest that you all had come to take Star Trek for granted. They kept releasing Picard movies and you eventually stopped caring. And now - NOW, something is "different", and suddenly you're all in a tizzy, and threatening to "boycott" the movie because it doesn't fit your perfect canon...well, what happened the last time they stuck to canon? Where were YOU in December '02? Fine, we know NOW that Nemesis was a horrible movie - but nobody knew that on opening day, so where was everybody? George Lucas released two epicly-crappy movies and people STILL lined up at midnight in all their robe-clad, plastic-sword-wielding geekdom when Episode III came out. Where was the representation for Star Trek? Say what you want, but the fact is, most of you were watching Lord of the Rings, or Harry-frickin-Potter. The numbers don't lie. Your threat to "boycott" simply doesn't have any teeth, because apparently you've been boycotting Trek in growing numbers for the last several years.
I do believe it were the The next generation movies that were different from what is normally considered star trek. Because of the drastic changes in this movie, I do believe we have every right to question it due to past experiences with change.

It very well could be a strawman fallacy, You have taken an event and irrelevant data to twist an argument in support of a weak conclusion.
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