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Originally Posted by MonsieurHood View Post
And another thing, am I the only person who actually enjoyed Nemesis? I thought the special effects and the Enterprise (finally! I'm an old Starfleet Battles player.) ramming an enemy vessel was just as cool as hell! I didn't like the B4 ploy though. If Spiner wanted Data fragged, why didn't they just frag him without all that Data's less avanced twin nonsense. And yes, I bought the video too. It's not the worst Trek I've seen, and i actually thought it was fun to watch.
Well, I think there is one other person here I've seen praise Nemesis, and I know at least one person on another board who liked it. So no, there are a few. But then, Undiscovered Country is my favorite Trek movie, and in another thread here somebody said that they felt it was so bad they could never watch it again. There's always a few people who swim against majority opinion and that's perfectly fine. Sadly, however, it's the actions of the majority that dictate corporate policy.
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