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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Dude...I don't know why he didn't get that...
Its not canon that's the problem...
It's bad writing.

I can't believe you made a thread for this strawman. C'mon. We all know

And Omegaman...You're wrong too. Not every movie other than those are poorly concieved....what's with the sweeping generalizations and blistering hyperboly on this thread
It's not a "strawman" at all. It's how Paramount sees Star Trek. It's the only way they CAN see it, seeing as how their function as a company is to make money for the shareholders.

Think about it: People who loved Nemesis may write glowing, god-has-returned reviews about it; people who hated it, completely trashed it with just as much vigor. How is Paramount supposed to know who's right? If there's three hundred different "NEMESIS WAS AWESOME!!!11!!1!one!" websites, what does that truly say about the film when the numbers indicate there were only three hundred people who saw the movie?

Remember: the same person who was responsible for First Contact, DS9, and all that "good Trek" was responsible for Nemesis and Enterprise. It makes far more sense, on the corporate level, to believe that after 16, 17 YEARS people had just gotten tired of Trek, than to think that the production team responsible for what many might argue is the best Trek film ever made could have fallen so far as to produce what is inarguably the worse Trek film ever made in only six years' time. Paramount does not think that "bad writing", all by itself, could be responsible for an over 90% drop in the profitability of making Star Trek movies...and in a way, I have a hard time believing it as well.

Are you familiar with the concept of "voting with your wallet"? Of course you are - it's the reason people are talking about "boycotting" this movie: expressing your displeasure with a project by trying to cut its profitability. It can, and does, work - but here's the thing: the mechanics behind its effectiveness are active ALL THE TIME, not just when you want them to be.

Over the last three movies, as far as Paramount is concerned, Trek's fan base has voted with their wallets. They've clearly, clearly voted against Trek the way you now contend it "should be". That's the message you sent, as a fan base, whether you intended it that way or not.
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