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Why did box office decline after First Contact? Insurrection as a lot to do with this. It made reasonable money but it was a very weak film and I am sure that after that film many people just did not hurry out to see Nemesis. Also Nemesis received so much bad press on the net, that even I did not rush to see it (although I did eventually see it in an empty (except for me) cinema before its run finished. Unlike all the films up to First Contact I didn't bother buying the tape or DVD. In part that is what angers me so much about Canonites like The Saint. They are being so negative about the new film they will put off people from going to see it! This time around that will be fatal for Trek. So even though at heart I would have preferred to see this film fit into the 'canon' in every way possible, I am not going to let the fact that it does not stop me from looking forward to it.
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