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Originally Posted by DolFan2020 View Post
For the LOVE of GOD! There is no BLOODY CANON in TREK! Nothing was or has ever been set in STONE! TREK is nothing but a series of contradictions!

Can go faster than WARP 10, then you can't!

Phaser looked like PHOTON TOPEDOES originally!

Lithium crystals became Dilithium crystals!

Spock's human ancestor became his mother in less than a season!

Zephram Cochrane was from Alpha Centauri and then Bozeman, Montana!

UESPA in TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY became the Federation!

Klingons got ridges... in the movies!

Etc... etc... etc...

For PETE'S SAKE, there is no CANON!
I gotta agree with this guy.

Can we go back to using the long-used and more appropriate 'continuity' term? I think it's taking an "looking from the outside in" approach in looking at the franchise. There's way too many bits and bobs that don't make sense or contradict already in 40 years of fictional history mish-mash.

I think "Canon" is a much more useful term for a series like Star Wars where the history has been tightly controlled by the creators.

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