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Default The "List the ST Characters" Game

Well, it seems people aren't here for playing games, since the ST Trivia game fell flat, however, I'll try one more, just for kicks...

This one's pretty easy, but it could get more difficult.

All ya gotta do is add one more Star Trek character's name to the list which hasn't been named already (from any series, movie, etc.) by copying/quoting the post above yours and removing the quote code. So ya don't hafta keep count, just add (without quotes or parentheses) "[*] (new ST character's name)" below the previous name.

The difficult/tedious part, when the list gets longer, is when ya need to verify that a name hasn't been listed already. Go from memory first, but there's no stopping ya from using references, either.

So, here goes:
  1. Dr. Robert Crater
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