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I hope they start all over and we have to learn a whole new storyline! Every once in awhile it needs to be done... SUPERMAN, BATMAN, SPIDERMAN, James Bond, and so on needs a reboot and revision now and again, if anything else to keep the story interesting and preventing it from geting stale! And let's face it, TREK got OLD and STALE!

I'm looking forward to this NEW STAR TREK... And now my sons, and their kids will get to know STAR TREK and hopefully love it like I do.... And for TREK to survive you really need JAMES T. KIRK! Kirk is the embodiment of all that is GREAT about TREK... TNG was entertaining... DS9 had it's moments... VOY was, well YAWN... and ENT spent so much time on the TEMPORAL WAR that it got as bad as X-Files did towards the end when it became OBSESSED with ALIEN CONSPIRACY!
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