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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Perhaps the lesson for Paramount was -- release increasingly badly-written movies, watch them do increasingly poorly at the box office. Don't forget that fans were growing increasingly weary of the showrunners by that point. Canon hardly figured into the films, since they were moving forward in time (within the overall Trek story) not backward. Look at the backlash Enterprise got, on the other hand, and then also figure that into the growing attitude of dismissiveness for Berman & Braga's reign as Trek's helmers.
Dude...I don't know why he didn't get that...
Its not canon that's the problem...
It's bad writing.

I can't believe you made a thread for this strawman. C'mon. We all know

And Omegaman...You're wrong too. Not every movie other than those are poorly concieved....what's with the sweeping generalizations and blistering hyperboly on this thread

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