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Great thread!

I haven't been to ALL the ST opening days but have seen them all in their first week which I also do for Bond, Star Wars, Lethal Weapon, Indianna Jones, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Die Hard and Bourne movies. It's what I do since I believe these films are better on a bigger screen and with lots of other fans ..... it adds to the "experience".

It does sadden me when it feels like it is the LAST one due to poor box office. But time has proven that with a fanbase there studios become aware there is money to be made. I truly thought I'd never see another ST movie after ST: Nemisis, not because I did not enjoy it but because it did not make a lot of money. It was not the best swan song, but really, Data was starting to age and the rest of the cast (as Roger Moore once said about his Bond) was getting "long in the tooth".

Who knows, someday Voyager, DS9 and (dare I say) Enterprise might be made into films with a different cast and some of us fans in wheel chairs will be screaming "Canon!" as our grandkids are truly enjoying what they see.

That's why I believe this film should be made for today's audience because it is getting a fresh start and may continue until this new cast is 90 years old like Shat and Nemoy are now. "Canon" fans still have what they love on VHS, DVD, Bluray and someday implanted directly into their brain. For me TOS died with bones and scotty and ST:VI was a wonderful swan song for that cast.

Let a new generation of fans watch this new film and, it being their first trek experience, they will be diving into the 1,000's of hours of Trek's past that we all know and love and ST will live forever. Also have faith in the studios because every so often a fan get's a job there and "Wham", something we love comes back. Personally, I'm still waiting for "Bill and Ted III".
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