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I think it's easy to start going round in circles again, but we all know the box office declined significantly from FC to NEMESIS. Now there are a hundred and one different reasons (LOTR, bad script, apathy, or anything you care to mention whichever side you fall on) but it shows that a major rethink of where the franchise was going was needed.

Now we all can (and frequently do) disagree on where this new film is heading, but I don't think either side is blameless - yes, some of the material sent our way could have been better, but why did the box-office collapse so much in just two films?

Now I can understand not wanting to spend money seeing it second time round, but NEMESIS had the lowest opening weekend of the recent films, so a lot of people never really went to see it in the first place. I don't remember that far back regarding early word of mouth, but was it supposed to be that bad going in? Or did it just hold no interest for anyone? Was it simply apathy by some people?
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