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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Perhaps the lesson for Paramount was -- release increasingly badly-written movies, watch them do increasingly poorly at the box office. Don't forget that fans were growing increasingly weary of the showrunners by that point. Canon hardly figured into the films, since they were moving forward in time (within the overall Trek story) not backward. Look at the backlash Enterprise got, on the other hand, and then also figure that into the growing attitude of dismissiveness for Berman & Braga's reign as Trek's helmers.
You completely missed the point about Lucas's pathetically-bad stories still bringing in the fans because people didn't care about the script, they loved Star Wars (for some reason, I don't get it either), and that's all that mattered to them. Insurrection and Nemesis may have been (OK, were) "badly-written", but they were Trek to the core, there's no escaping it.

Besides, my last point still stands: You've said yourself that it's not "just canon" but this story that you've decided is bad, that makes you dislike this movie. Well, if this "badly-written", non-canon story nets more than $7 million next summer, your excuses about bad writing will turn out to have been rather empty.

You've been "abandoned" because your loyalty, such as it is, to the brand doesn't pay. Paramount can't afford to keep feeding you for free.
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