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Another canon thread!!! Wooooo-Hooooo!! Gotta love it!

Now that I got that out of my system.....I think this thread starter has a point. We may not agree on it, but the point is still valid. I have enjoyed ALL the Trek movies. I am not a writer, I don't work in the movie industy, and I am not a real critic (although I can be critical!). I enjoyed the movies and supported them throughout all the bickering and sneering. Most of the movies that have recieved poor ratings from critics tend to do alright in the box office, then the highly acclaimed movies sometimes don't even make it to my local theater!!

I think Saint has agood point as well. Canon is MORE of an issue when you covering a "history" period in Trek. There are tons of little facts we already know about the TOS characters, so there is more to violate and ignore for this movie. Moving forward in the Trek universe is easier and few canon references are seen onscreen. Even first Contact made "canon" errors with how quickly they made it back to Earth from the Neutral zone, and they beemed out the Defiant crew through their shields!! Tons of mistakes like that have been made and they are better to be ignored.
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