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Originally Posted by radoskal View Post
Personally I can tell you where I was in December of 02, at least for a few hours. In my College town theater, which by the way is for some reason an hour outside of the college town, SEEING NEMESIS...oh and did I also mention I bought the DVD of Nemesis? just to have all 10 trek movies.
So you were the one.

It's true, that the $7 million had to come from "somewhere". But the point is, that "where" is one heck of a lot smaller than it was even 5 years earlier. When you talk about the "loyal fan base", you're talking about the Incredible Shrinking Woman, plain and simple. And the point still stands: those of you who choose to boycott will ultimately make zero difference whatsoever. If everybody didn't show up for the last movie, it's not going to make Paramount feel bad that you all won't show up for this one.
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