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Originally Posted by Bright Eyes View Post
Ehm, no, it's not, actually. Biblical canon is quite above board and is not the result of manipulation by evil doers out to deceive the gullible, despite what Dan Brown maintains. I can say this because it's a subject I had to give a series of talks about a few years ago, and I researched the history quite well and familiarized myself with the gospel of Thomas and other pseudographica. But, like you, I also don't want to deflect this thread into this area and I would like to let the matter rest, but I couldn't let the comment pass without replying to it.
I did not want to suggest any conspiracy, just make the point that some writtings like the Gospel of John are cannonical although many people believe that 'I am the light of the world' and similar stuff are rather the words of the first followers than actual words of Jesus himself.
As you know apocryphical gospels, I take you word that they are not cannonical for a good reason, but clearly cannonical books like the Gospel of John are problematic or can be considered less important or accurate by readers, while churches stick with it.

Most things are a matter of perspective, and so is the canon of Trek, or rather the offical canon vs. what everyone considers quintessential Trek. For me this transcends matters like ship design or whether Kirk serves with Pike or not. Why did TVH work, without the Enterprise and pretty much without the 23rd century? The answer to that is one element of what is essential to Trek for me, but everyone has different opinions.
But as long as we don't realize that, we will continue to act like little children who start crying because they don't get the lolly they want.

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